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Andrew & Wendy
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Andrew & Wendy is a 30-minute documentary film about a quintessential New York upper West Side couple. After an adverse reaction to a blood transfusion during an operation, Andrew falls into a coma. All modern medical techniques to revive him fail, but he is brought back from the edge by Johann Sebastian Bach after Wendy plays the ‘St. Matthew’s Passion’ for him — his favorite sacred music. After 25 years of marriage Wendy knew that Andrew’s deep connection to the universe was not through the sound of her voice, but through music; and with great insight she intuited that perhaps music could jump start her husband’s brain when neither medicine nor her words had been able to. Remarkably, both of Andrew’s surgeons agreed that it was Bach’s music that brought him around; his nurses afterwards called it 'The St. Mathew Miracle.’

Though remarkable, what happened to Andrew was not actually an unexplainable miracle. The human connection to music is very complex and Andrew & Wendy explores music’s potential benefits on human health and wellness as Andrew returns to the ICU to play music for its desperately ill patients — not for entertainment, but for healing.

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Producer/Director: Josh Aronson

Starring: Andrew and Wendy Schulman, Joanne Loewy, Dr. Marvin McMillen, Dr. Martin S. Karpeh
Editor: Victoria Campbell

Cinematography: Frank Stanley and Josh Aronson
Associate Producer: Erin Kennedy
Additional Editors: Erin Kennedy and Ann Collins

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Josh Aronson - Aronson Film Associates
phone: 212-253-6941 - fax: 212-253-8863